Company Profile

Over a period spanning in excess of 15 years, EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES has focused its activities on supplying expert services and personnel to the Construction, Building, Mining, Mineral Processing, Heavy Engineering and associated Project activities; with a specific focus on providing experienced professional teams and personnel to undertake activities such as:
  1. Construction Consultancy
  2. Project Management
  3. Contract Management and resolution
  4. Management of Design and Engineering
  5. Marketing and Business Development activities and assistance
  6. Bid Management , tendering operations, submission preparation, negotiations and finalisation of contract award
  7. Construction Management, including
    1. Cost control and the preparation of project budgets
    2. Programming
    3. Provision of personnel for management services in the fields of project management
    4. Performance of construction works and activities on behalf of clients
  8. Project reviews
  9. Project trouble shooting and specific problem resolution.
  10. Liaison with Government agencies and authorities including the preparation and submission of documentation to facilitate Government and regulatory body approvals.
  11. Security of Payment Implementation

EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES has over many years earned a reputation for exceptional skills in working with difficult and high level contracts, interpretation of contract terms and conditions and resolving difficult contractual positions. EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES has often been called on to work with clients directing and assisting their contract and legal personnel in order to resolve serious contractual issues. The role performed by EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES in these circumstances is to improve the client’s position by identifying, mitigating, limiting potential risk, liability and loss or as the instigator to identify, establish, justify, prepare, submit, settle and recover claims associated with project and contract activities.

The EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES group have strong sound construction experience and background which allows for a clear analysis and understanding of a client’s project position in terms of management and execution, risk, legal and contractual exposure to potential for ultimate liability. EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES works with its clients to mutually agree strategies that reduce or manage construction risk and problems.

The EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES philosophy and methodology is to avoid having to resolve contractual issues by being proactive and prepared, that is enhanced and supported by early involvement with the client and their project team from the outset of a project. EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES achieve this by providing selected clients a full whole of Construction Management service; from bid selection, to work winning, negotiating contracts, project delivery and project finalization.

EDWARD SAIN & ASSOCIATES has provided a diverse range of consultancy and management services to clients such as:

  • Comalco
  • Western Mining, now part of BHP Olympic Dam
  • KBR
  • AMEC Engineering
  • Built Environs, now a part of McConnell Dowell
  • Mayfield Engineering, now part of the Leighton Group
  • ETSA

On a variety of projects ranging in size from $5M to $120M

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