Project Management

Edward Sain & Associates has decades of experience in the building, civil and mechanical construction industries. We understand that each client has specific needs and that each of their projects also have specific needs to achieve success.

We service our client’s needs by providing experienced and committed key personnel, that work together as a team to provide a complete project management resource. Refer to our People Page.

Our people are specifically selected to meet the client’s and project requirements, not from a random pool of available resumes of unknown personnel, “ arms and legs” as they are commonly known or referred to in the industry.  We know most members in the team personally and have worked as a team before, we only consider new members to the group by personal recommendation. Through combined efforts, skills, experience and ingenuity we are able to deliver projects safely, on time and budget, whilst still maintaining a high level of quality and workmanship.  Utilising this methodology allows us to generally exceed our client’s expectations and requirements optimising the client’s return on investment by ensuring we achieve value for money through every stage and in every facet of the project delivery.

We are able to offer a wide range of services from the preparation of costs plans and feasibility studies, verification of costings and feasibilities, liaison with and on behalf of key stake holders to gain approvals or authorisation from corporate or regulating governing bodies. We have extensive experience in managing approvals and the associated processes including the preparation and finalisation of submissions.  We are able to provide value engineering in the selection, engagement and monitoring of an effective design process, high order contract management and administration. This value engineering is further supported with the preparation, implementation and monitoring of realistic achievable project programmes, proper contractor and subcontractor selection and management, established quality control systems and competent supervision of the work site. Utilising a dedicated fully integrated Project Management team has the distinct advantage of having one focal point for all activities and the maintaining of project history, goals and drivers for improved performance and accountability resting with one team project entity.

While we would recommend that it is preferable for clients to have one focal point and leader of a Project Management Team, where this is not practical or possible to fit the requirements of the client or project we are able to offer a full or part service supplying specialised services or components to our Project Management Consultancy.


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