Liaison with Government agencies and authorities

Edward Sain & Associates has extensive experience in dealing with Government, Government Agencies, Government and Semi – Government authorities both at Federal and State levels.

The group collectively and individually has experience in

  • Obtaining specific Government approvals; such as Mining And Rehabilitation Plan approvals (MARP)
  • General government approvals or authorisations
  • Environmental approvals
  • Acquisition approvals
  • Licence approvals; such as  mining licence and process facility approvals
  • Obtaining Government support or political assistance

The group has been engaged, with success, by clients to provide services and assistance in liaising and negotiating with Government, Agencies, Council’s, Statutory bodies or key stake holders.

Throughout our engagements in these roles we have remained vigilant in achieving our client’s desired outcome while maintaining a balance with time and cost implications and constrains as supported by our policy of “We sell service not hours”


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