Why do I need to worry about this new legislation?

You now have rights and obligations imposed upon you under the new legislation and you could get caught if you do not manage your affairs properly.

Using this legislation is the quickest and cheapest solution to making sure you get paid the fair correct amount on time.

Payment problems will be identified and resolved in the early stages of the contract and not having to argue at the end of your contract, which minimises the amount of money you have outstanding or having to argue for.

It is the fastest and cheapest way for you to get paid when things go wrong and clients won’t pay for the work you have done, goods you have provided or services they received. It is a lot cheaper and faster than using the increasingly expensive legal system and pursuing litigation or going down the path of now also expensive and time consuming arbitration.

The Act now provides you with legislated rights and options that are in addition to your agreements or contract(s) where you can choose to use the Adjudication process to resolve payment disputes quickly, as they arise, while you are performing building and construction work or in supplying goods and services that is covered under the South Australian Security of Payment Act.

You can pursue the enforcement of your legal rights, as allowed by the legislation, to secure your payments without being disadvantaged by sometimes difficult or unfair agreement or contract conditions.

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