Bid Management, tendering operations, submission preparation, negotiations and finalisation of contract award

With collective principal  construction and engineering industry experience well in excess of over 60 years , and further experience well in  excess of that to draw upon internally and externally, Edward Sain & Associates understand tendering and the contracting process.

The group has provided services to the full range of clients and diverse projects such as

  • Owners and operators- In building, mining, oil and gas, power generation
  • Government Departments – In acquisition, relocation , upgrading
  • Consultant EPCM  groups –In mining and resources, power generation
  • Main Contractors – In minor and major civil works, building works. mechanical work, electrical works, and multi disciplinary works
  • Subcontractors

These works range on projects from $100K to $100m

Our group is able to provide experienced

  • Bid managers
  • Estimators
  • Submission writers
  • Contract reviewers
  • Bid reviewers

The group can provide a complete tender team or specialists to assist with tendering requirements.

With our extensive experience and methodology which includes in house produced standard documentation and procedures, we are able to achieve results quickly and accurately for an enhanced Bid Management and tendering management process.

Having performed procurement and bid preparation at all levels for end users, clients and contractors the group understands the requirements of not only producing an accurate innovative tender but also the importance of providing quality support documentation such as

  • Design submissions
  • OHS&E  submissions
  • Quality Assurance submissions
  • Programmes, methodologies, management strategies
  • HR submissions

The ability of the group to provide the correct personnel to accurately scope the tender work , evaluate the work, identify the risks and expected rewards while approaching the activities with innovative ideas and sound business and contractual acumen has allowed the group to be successful in many tendering activities and negotiations.


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